Hướng dẫn kết nối Shopify với Facebook Shop

Facebook, mạng xã hội lớn nhất hành tinh ngày nay đã trở thành một kênh bán hàng không thể thiếu đối với bất cứ ai muốn khởi nghiệp kinh doanh. Hiểu được điều đó, Shopify đã tích hợp chức năng Facebook Shop dành cho tất cả website bán hàng sử dụng Shopify. Theo đó, tất

Facebook Ad Types: What you need to know

Nowadays, Facebook Advertise offer various types of ads for users. How could you know which one is the most suitable type to use for your campaign? What could you do with each of ad type? Today, we come to breakdown those ad type and give you the best overview. This article will give you full

TOP 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

We all know about Facebook Advertise. Facebook has created an ecosystem around the users. Nowadays, it has become a part of their lives. Last year in 2018, Facebook made approx. 48.000 million revenue from Advertising only. It's a huge number just for Ads only. How did it reach that high? And why people are using

How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook Ads is always one of the best ways to advertise your products and services to all range of customers. First of all, compared to Google Ads it's more attractive and easier to demonstrate your content based on images and pictures included. Today, we will talk about how Facebook Ads work. What you need to