Almost one who is using Spybadass must know that the tool allows you to spy any Facebook Ads posts of selling t-shirt or Print-on-demand products with no hidden data. However, it is not the most important goal when using the tool. The tool has other powerful features with the aim of boosting your sales and simplifying your process of hunting new T-shirt design ideas that you may not touch those. Do you wonder what amazing features of the tool are? In this article, we will guide you from a-z of using SpyBadao to get T-shirt design ideas like a pro. Let’s find out!

1. Advanced Search Filter of Time, Ads Reaction

When hunting new T-shirt design ideas, you can type the niche keyword in the “search post content” box and then set the timeframe and ads reaction such as the number of reactions, share, and comment in ads posts. The default time frame is set as the lastest 7 days. You can change it into 14 days, 21 days, 30days ago, etc as long as it suits your purpose.

For example: I am looking for t-shirt design ideas for “camping” niche, I will type keyword “camping” in the “search content post” box, set 14 days ago, and filter the ads post with more than 50 comments.

And here is my result:

2. Multi-keyword search features

Get back to the above example, I am hunting the niche Tshirt design for “camping” niche. Apart from searching for keyword “camping” only, I can search for other relevant keywords like “hiking” and “campinglife” in the “search post content” box. The only thing that you should remember to use this feature properly is to choose the option “At least one” instead of “has all words”. What is the difference between those words?

  • “Has all words”: this option will bring all ads posts that contain all keywords that you search for. This option works well when you search for a single keyword only.
  • “At least one” this option will bring all ads posts that contain at least one keyword that you search for. This option works when you search for multi keywords at once.

3. Spy competitor’s Facebook Ads with pixel code

After searching for one niche keyword, you can pick up the t-shirt design that has a great number of reactions. The analytics board will show up with the following data:

  • The chart showing up the number of audience reaction, share and comment over time
  • Competitor’s domain
  • Selling platform like teechip, teespring, viralstyle,…
  • Facebook pixel code starting with “FBPX-_________________”

Pressing this pixel code, it will show you other fan pages of competitors, t-shirt design, what niche they are selling. Digging into it and researching what they are doing, you can have new ideas for your business.

4. Tracking movers and shakers

This feature help sellers to get more “trending” T-shirt design ideas that have a great boom in the audience reaction, share, and comment in the shortest time. This feature has three sub-functions:

  • MAS Reaction: filter the ads posts having the rapid upward movement of reaction numbers in the shortest time.
  •  MAS Share: filter the ads posts having the rapid upward movement of share numbers in the shortest time.
  • MAS Comment: filter the ads posts having the rapid upward movement of comment numbers in the shortest time.

MAS is a shorten form Movers and Shakers, a popular term on Amazon showing that the most trending items that sell well within 24 hours. Hence, SpyBadao also use this term to help sellers hunt new trending t-shirt design ideas quickly through the upward number of like, share, and comment.

For example: Yesterday the ads post A has 1 like, the ads post B has 9000 likes

But today the ads post A has up to 5000 likes, the ads post B has 10000 likes

So, the ads post A has a rapid increase in the number of likes within one day but the ads post B has a steady increase.

5. Save query for the next time

“Save query” box allows you to save what you have searched based on your filter settings.

Wrap-up: There are 5 features of SpyBadao we suggest in the article to help you boost your T-shirt business to the next level:

  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Multi-keyword searching
  • Spy Competitors via Pixel code
  • Save query

You can take advantage of using all those features to help your POD business generate more sales and shorten the process of doing by signing up the Starter pack subscription with only $59/month. It’s worth to give it a shot of using SpyBadao today.


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