Abandoned Cart is frustrating. Eight out of Store Visitors who add the items to cart will leave the store without making purchases. It also means that you lost your customers and tons of bucks. But you are not alone, this is the most common problem of E-commerce Sellers. If you would love to reduce your cart abandonment, do not miss the following article because we will show you step by step how to win Abandoned Cart with Automation Email. In this article, we will cover these parts:

What is an abandoned cart?

Reason for Abandoned Checkout

Abandoned Cart Flow Recovery

        Discount Ladder Strategy

        Some automation email apps

1. What is an abandoned cart?

Here is the full definition from Webopedia:

“Abandonment is an e-commerce term used to describe a visitor on a web page who leaves that page before completing the desired action. Examples of abandonment include shopping cart abandonment, referring to visitors who add items to their online shopping cart, but exit without completing the purchase.”

For example, you have added your favorite t-shirt into the cart but have an urgent thing to do, you left away and forgot to finish your purchase. That is an abandoned cart!

abandoned cart

2. Common Reasons for Abandoned Cart

According to Baymard Institute, there are top 10 reasons why visitors add to the cart and then leave the store without buying.

reasons for abandoned cart

The first and foremost cause is the unexpectedly high extra cost including shipping fee, tax fee. 60% of US citizens specifically cited that the high shipping cost and tax fee is the main reason driving them away. The solution we suggest is that the shipping information should be shown clearly on the product page and the shipping policy page. Hence, visitors can know exactly how much they would pay for their total order.

The second reason that causes the store visitor to leave away is opening an account to buy. That is an inconvenience and makes them reluctant to go on this long process.

The third one is nearly like the second reason that the store has a long process of checkout and require the visitors to fill in the complicated personal form.

The other reasons relate to the unsatisfactory checkout system that cannot meet the visitors’ expectations. Fix it right away until it works well.

3. How to recover abandoned carts with Automation Email

3. 1 Discount Ladder Strategy

Discount for abandoned cart
Group of coupon

Everyone loves saving. That’s why stores always give away the discount coupon to encourage the customer to buy more and so our first strategy to recover abandoned cart with email is offering a repetitive discount reminder email. Another tip that should be put in the email to make the left visitor take action is the coupon will be limited-time use. Have not yet known how to start? No worries, we draft the flowing Automation Email Templates for you to customize.

Email 1: After 1 hour


Hey <Customer Name>,

I saw you were just about to make an order at <Store Name>, but you didn’t complete your purchase.

Was there an issue placing your order? If so, I’m happy to help out! Just hit reply and let me know – I’m always happy to assist.

If you want to check out now, CLICK HERE (Link to abandoned cart).

Here’s a quick reminder of what’s in your shopping cart:

<Insert Cart Contents Here>

Thanks again for shopping at <Store Name>.

Speak soon

<Your Name>

P.S. Contact me any time by hitting the reply button!

Email 2: After 24 hours


Hey <Customer Name>,

Your shopping cart at <Store Name> is still waiting!

Here’s what’s in it:

<Insert Cart Contents Here>

You can still complete your purchase! Just click here to continue your order (Link to

abandoned cart).

Once you do, we will ship out your order within <Insert appropriate time here>.

Click Here To Continue Your Order (Link to abandoned cart).

Speak soon,

<Your Name>

P.S. Sadly we can’t hold your cart open forever. But you can be sure you can complete your

purchase if you head back now. Just click one of the links above now to avoid


abandoned cart emailEmail 3: After 72 hours


Hey <Customer Name>,

Changed your mind? We completely understand.

You had these items in your shopping cart:

<Insert Cart Contents Here>

Here’s the deal. Head back and complete your purchase now, use

Discount Code: <Insert Discount Code Here>

during checkout, and save 15% on your order.

But be warned – this discount code is only valid for 72 hours.

So Click Here To Hurry Back To Your Shopping Cart Now (Link to abandoned cart).

We’re proud of our products – and we want to make sure you get a chance to see why!

Speak Soon

<Your Name>

Email 4: After 120 hours


Hey <Customer Name>,

Just to remind you what you left in your cart a few days ago:

<Insert Cart Contents Here>

Your 15% discount expires tomorrow – I didn’t want you to lose the chance to redeem it.

So Click Here To Head Back Your Shopping Cart Now (Link to abandoned cart).

And enter your discount code: <Insert Discount Code Here>

… we’ll do the rest!

Click Here To Redeem Your Discount Code (Link to abandoned cart).

Speak soon

<Your Name>

Email 5: After 144 hours


Hey <Customer Name>,

Did you forget to redeem your discount coupon?

Here’s what was in your cart:

<Insert Cart Contents Here>

This is your last chance to complete your purchase and take advantage of your 15%


  1. Click Here To Head Over To Your Cart (Link to abandoned cart)
  2. Use Discount Code: <Insert Discount Code Here>

This coupon expires at the end of the day, so be sure to hurry!

Click Here To Complete Your Purchase (Link to abandoned cart)

3.2 Interesting content

Offering some discount is the first step to reach potential customers. However, the main purpose is to know the root of abandoned cart

  • Welcome Email + 10% Discount – 2 days later: This email works well to remind the visitor who added to cart but forget to finish the purchase.
  • FAQ Email + Reminder 10% Discount – 3 days later: Ask them if they are not satisfied with shipping policies, shipping cost, denied credit card,… or whatever. That is a great way to show that you care about them also a trustworthy seller.
  • How-to blog to educate the customer: for example, your store is selling cooking accessories, kitchen appliances, you can create an email about the recipes to cook the perfect pasta and then remind them of buying your products with a great discount.
  • Last chance 10% discount reminder + Social Proof – 5 days later: Encouraging them to buy with good reviews will make them more confident in buying from your store.
  • The hot trend products + social proof + 15% Discount reminder – 7 days later: The best-selling products from your store with excellent feedbacks and discount is a sweet combination for the most difficult customers.

social proof for abandoned checkout email



The abandoned cart is an unavoidable problem that most of the E-commerce Businesses experience. It will be a big mistake when you do not have any idea to convert the left visitors into your customers and throw a lot of money on advertising. Here are some steps that help you win the abandoned cart with automation email:

  • Set up the automation email flow for recovery of abandoned checkout. If you are selling on Shopify Platform, we recommend the app called “Klaviyo

However, we would love to share with you another E-commerce platform that has built-in abandoned cart recovery feature is called “Merchized”. This all-in-one platform will help you sell everything along with great features to bring the best for your store. 

  • Applying the discount ladder + Specifically compelling content email
  • Analyze the cart abandonment recovery email campaign and fix it until you get the results.


If this article can help you out, do not hesitate to share it to other sellers. Let’s spread out the great values!

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