When starting a Dropshipping Business, the most struggling part you encounter is to find the niche market for Dropshipping that work well and bring in the greater profits for your Dropshipping Business. Hence, it is not always easy as we think about it, even it takes several attempts to find the best Niche Markets by trial and error. To help you identify the Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches, we have the ultimate guide here which might shorter your process of landing your E-commerce Business.

What is Niche Market? Apply to find Niche Market for Dropshipping?

The Giant Niche Markets in the US

Factors to determine the good Niche Market for Dropshipping

Mix the hot events with your Dropshipping niche?


What is Niche Market? Apply to find Niche Market for Dropshipping?

Here is the definition of Niche market from Shopify “A niche market is a subset of a larger market with its own particular needs or preferences, which may be different from the larger market.”

Niche Market for Dropshipping

Each niche has its own sub-niches which is a smaller niche focusing on the smaller and clearer needs and preferences.

Applying in the Dropshipping, we will elaborate on the following example

  • A niche of Dog targets the group of people having raise dogs, loving dogs and its sub-niches might be Niche of Bulls, Niche of Chihuahua, Niche of Pugs.
  • Niche Product Ideas; feeding bows, fence gate, dog water fountain,… special quotes relating to the specific kind of dog for Print on Demand Products.

Niches are also divided into 2 forms

  • Niche relates to the passion, preference
  • Niches relate to the year-round special events.

The Giant Niche Market for Dropshipping in the US & EU

There are tons of niche markets for Dropshipping in the US and EU but here are the three biggest one that you should not ignore

  • The first niche market that you have to keep in mind is sports. Americans and Europeans are almost into joining the Sports activities like Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Volleyball, Running, Jogging, Climbing, Gym,  and so on. You can take advantage of this to sell a variety of stuff for the group of people love doing Sports and also find the best quotes relating to Sports stars, teams to print it on the t-shirts, hoodies, mugs. However, be careful with the trademark!
  • Another niche that Americans and Europeans are interested in is pet. So, if you get the best of this niche by selling Print on Demand Products having their favorite pet on, there is no doubt in you will succeed.
  • The last niche that we would love to suggest is the special days in a year. These events also have the largest shopping volumes that you can gain huge profits. There is a list of hot events in the calendar that you should save for promotion are The US President Election, Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s day, etc.

Niche Market for Dropshipping

If you want to start selling on E-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Shopify,., those lists are not enough. Here is the full list of the evergreen niche market for Dropshipping for you to dig in



Factors to determine the good Niche Market for Dropshipping

Niche market for dropshipping

  • Niche has a substantial group of audiences to scale: The plus point of the small niche is to target the exact segment who will interact well with your products. However, to scale up to the larger purchases, it cannot meet your demand of sales target. So, the idealist target audiences are around 10 million, enough number to start promoting. Another tip to know well about your audience is using Audience Insight tool on Facebook. If this is your first time using it, access this link https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager then choose Tools/Audience Insights
  • Year-around selling niche: this point should be kept in mind when you choose the niche market for Dropshipping. You can choose the hot trend niche to sell for a certain period of time, not for the long run.
  • Small Packaged Niche Products: It can save you tons of shipping cost when your niche products for Dropshipping has light weights. Do you wanna ship a heavy bike or a small bracelet. The perfect dimension is smaller than the A4 paper size, you can also gain some extra benefits when doing private label.
  • One-of-a-kind Niche Products: Dropshipping time might take 14-20 days, even a month to reach the customer’s hands. What makes them wait for such a long time? It depends on the product that can raise their interest in or not. Choose the products that are not similar to ones in the local market must be a have-to strategy.


Mix the hot events with your Dropshipping niche

Here is the completed list of sites updating the hot trends occurring daily, monthly, yearly that you should not miss to boost your sales:

The first one we would like to recommend for you to dig into the hot trends is SpyBadao. This tool scan hourly to have you updated the most trendy niche products.

Other sites for you to find out the niche product ideas:

  • https://www.google.fr/trends/topcharts
  • http://alexa.com/whatshot
  • http://trendsmap.com
  • https://youtube.com/trendsdashboard
  • https://mobile.twitter.com/trends
  • http://social-searcher.com

Niche Market for Dropshipping

The benefits when mix the hot trends to generate your Niche Products:

  • Boost sales and increase the CR, interactions with your advertisement.
  • Be less competitive with other opponents, target the specific segment who cares about it.
  • Generate unique and outstanding products that your target customer has not seen around yet.

Final thought of how to find the best niche market for Dropshipping:

Determine the profitable niche markets for Dropshipping is considered a crucial part before you start selling something specifically. Here is the wrap-up for what we have elaborate about to have you grab the key points:

  • Find your niche with sub-niche that meets the 4 factors: the adequate audiences, evergreen niche, lightweight niche, Unique Niche.
  • Mix your niche with the updated hot trends and special days to generate more interesting niche product ideas.
  • Just try, try, and try until you can make the profits. It takes times but it’s worth. Nothing is surer than your results.


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