Nowadays, Facebook Advertise offer various types of ads for users. How could you know which one is the most suitable type to use for your campaign? What could you do with each of ad type? Today, we come to breakdown those ad type and give you the best overview.

This article will give you full information about:

  • What are all the different Facebook ad types
  • What are the specifications for each ad type
  • What are some great examples of different Facebook ad types
  • Why it’s important to use the right ad type
  • What’s the best Facebook ad type to use

Indeed, let’s get started with the first Ad Type.

Traffic and Leads for Your Website

If you are running a business on your website, you might need to draw as many leads and traffic as possible to your site. Facebook Advertise offers you the right Ad types to do so. In fact, this is one of the common ad types that everyone uses to grow their business.

Link Click Ad

A landing page, blog or news are always helpful in growing business. Therefore, it’s best to get much traffic to your website. Luckily, our first Ad type can help you do so. It’s Link Click Ads.

This ad including a description for the post, the image preview for the ads, the title of the ads, customizable slug, preview link, and the button to Sign Up or Go to your website. Indeed, this includes all the elements to emphasise your link and get people click on it.

With Link Click Ad, you can put it on multiple placements such as:

  • Right Column
  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram

Moreover, getting some new Likes for your pages is also an ideal purpose with Link Click Ad. With your unique website content, you can amaze any audience. Try to keep them updated and interactive with other users should be a way to increase trustworthiness for your business.

Video Ad

Facebook Watch is going viral all around the globe. Thus, Video Ad is the near future upcoming trend. Furthermore, the cost for Video Ads is generally lower than other ads.

In fact, Video Ad is an extremely effective method to introduce your products, services. Instead of a still image, you have a short, featured video. This should bring in more views to your pages from some audience segments. 

Same as Link Click Ad, but instead of Preview Image, it was replaced by a short video for your product introduction. However, this ad cannot be placed on the Right column. Therefore, you can only put it on:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram

Boosted Page posts

In general, when you post something on your page, Facebook will offer you to boost your post. This will turn your page post into a sponsored post (aka an ad) and behave the same as one. This boosted feature will help you expand the reach to many more audience seamlessly. With a simple button and some tweaking over audience selection, your posts are good to go.

However, this also limited your options by only provide some limited settings over demographic or some variables. Fast, easy, but limited.

This boosted post will act like a normally Sponsored Post. Thus, it can appear on:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram

Sales and Leads for Your Product or Service

Rather than Traffic and Leads, some businesses look for direct sales. Perhaps, the main target of them is to develop and spread out their products. So, these ad types are dedicated to them. The next ad types will surely emphasize the importance of products.

Multi-product (Carousel Ads)

This looks like a selective product catalog. In fact, you can set up this multi-product ad with various items, aiming to a specific segment of the audience. This personalization should hit directly to the need of the customer range. Therefore, it will increase the conversion rate for your products. Furthermore, with many other multi-product ads together, you can cover all segments of customers.

Thus, this ad is extremely effective for e-commerce business. Not only attract sales, but also leads will come to your page and increase trustworthiness.

Also, this Multi-Product ad is the same as others above. It can be placed on:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram

Dynamic Products Ads (DPA)

It looks like a catalog, but not. It’s like a single product ad, like all others. However, it can “morph”. Base on the latest activity of your customers on your website, this ad will change and display the related products for the audience. This is very useful for re-marketing and converts potential customers. Also, this is not bothering the audience with loads of items. Just one, single, focused, dedicated, recommended item, for the right person.

Apart from usual placements, this ad type can appear on the right column:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram
  • Right Column

Facebook Lead Ads

Do you have some giveaway, or freebie in stock? This method is quite effective in getting new leads. However, it won’t reach maximum efficiency unless you give it a little juice. Facebook Lead Ads is the one suitable for this. Indeed, it will allow the customer to register for your free content/freebie or sign up for your offer, right on Facebook. Thus, they don’t have to go anywhere else, or open a new tab, or leave your homepage. Everything happens on only 1 ad.

This ad type is significantly useful in getting the customer’s email address. Therefore, you can re-marketing them later for conversion.

This ad type can be placed on:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Audience Network
  • Instagram

Facebook Lead Ads can collab with other email services like MailChimp to make things automated. Thus, your customer will have the most smooth experience with your free content. And, you will have their email address directly into your preset email list.

Canvas Ads

First of all, Canvas Ads use the display of mobile devices to deliver the best experience to the mobile audience. This ad looks totally beautiful and was made exclusively on mobile.

This ad type will let mobile users click on, interact with your pictures. They can swipe right and left through a carousel of products. Therefore, your content marketing agent will have extraordinary work to do. You can create contents mix with pictures and texts seamlessly. Also, they look so pretty, don’t they?

Sadly, due to exclusive interactive on mobile, this canvas ad can only create for mobile users.

Collection Ads

The Collection Ads serve the same purpose as Multi-Product ads but in a different approach. It’s not mere pictures and photo of products. But, it can contain videos, professional item shots, well-managed and organized into the ad.

Furthermore, Collection Ads do not focus on Product showcase. On the other hands, they focus on attraction, product introduction, and minimalism. Simply the best. Nonetheless, these only work on Mobile due to some specification does not allow it to be on PC.

Likes & Engagement for Your Page

Apart from all above, you just want to boost your page’s likes or engagements? Then, Facebook also has the right ad types for you. This will reach farther and focus on the content emphasis. Thus, like and engagement will be easier to acquire.

Page Like Ads

Simple, but useful. This ad proved extremely performance in increasing Page Likes. It contains your Page info, description, a single image, and the like button. At first, it’s not so impressive. But, with the right content and placement, it will shine brightly. Just one click and people can like your page at once, get updated with your Page’s contents.

Moreover, getting likes also need the right audience. It will help boosting your conversion rate later. Page Like Ads offer you all the tools and selection to get the highest quality likes.

Ultimately, it must have the top-notch picture to get the best result. This ad’s placements are:

  • Desktop Newsfeed
  • Mobile Newsfeed
  • Right Column

Page Post Photo Ads

Page Post Photo Ads work like Boosted Page Posts. However, it added a like page button on the top.

This ad is flexible. Therefore, it can shrink itself and move to the right column if needed.

Page Post Video Ads

A short video should work better than a still picture? Yes, in some cases. Video is likely to draw curiosity more than image. And, it’s incredibly useful for re-marketing and easier to go viral. Thus, engagement with video ads is generally higher than other similar ads.

The different of this ad from above Video Ads is can be placed on the right column with shrinked video/content.

Page Post Text

Mere text, no image, video or anything else. However, it can be extremely useful on the right column with minimalized style. In my opinion, this works best toward office staff which spend countless time surfing the internet. They felt bored, and they can be interested in anything new. Even,  it’s just a Text Post.

Different platforms of ads

Mobile Ads

Mobile ads bring the most comfortable view. They appear seamlessly on the mobile display. And, perfectly blend in with the news feed.

Messenger Ad

This ad appeared in Messenger Home, which is pretty useful to reach more and more users.

Instagram Ad

Same as news feed ad, Instagram Ad appear in the Instagram home, mostly with auto-played video.

Final words on Facebook Ad Types

Facebook Ad Types are advancing and developing every day. They always update new features and latest tools almost every month. Make sure you can catch up the pace. Furthermore, Facebook Ad Types offer various categories for you to choose from. First, you can choose Traffic generation types. Or, you can select the ads for Sales boosting. Finally, Facebook bring you the Likes and Engagements ad category for you to boost your page’s performance. It’s all about targeting the right audience. And, optimization is always needed while working with Facebook Ad Types.

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