We all know about Facebook Advertise. Facebook has created an ecosystem around the users. Nowadays, it has become a part of their lives. Last year in 2018, Facebook made approx. 48.000 million revenue from Advertising only. It’s a huge number just for Ads only. How did it reach that high? And why people are using Facebook Advertising that much to promote their products? Let’s find out Top 5 reasons to Advertise on Facebook.

1. Facebook Advertising is Highly Effective

Most of the social media marketers are highly recommend advertising via Facebook. They considered Facebook is the most effective social media platform to promote and advertise. Facebook owns an ecosystem including:

  • Facebook the social media
  • Messenger the chat and message app
  • Instagram the picture/image sharing platform.

This trio has embraced the life of their users and became irreplaceable parts in daily life.

According to Statista, the number of Daily Active Users (DAU) on Facebook is increasing steadily every quarter. The 4th Quarter of 2018, Facebook has reached 1495 million DAUs. Also, as forecasted, this number will continue to rise in the future. With that huge DAUs, we shall have a gigantic market to convert them into paying customers.

Furthermore, the stats also reveal that the trend of advertising via social media will grow bigger and bigger. The total amount of Ad Spending in 2018 was 67,971 (Statista). Also, it could reach 92,931 in this year 2019. The effectiveness from Facebook Advertising has been proven by the rising spending each year. Facebook Advertising and marketing has become one of the most effective paid advertising channels.

With this rate of growth, Facebook Advertise is the number 1 choice for Social media marketers.

2. Simple Set-Up Process and Fast Results

Facebook Business has made it so easy for any Pages/Representative to run ads on their platform. The registration process is quite simple. In general, you can fill in your basic information and payment method. That should be easy enough for you to start boosting your pages.

Furthermore, Facebook delivers multiple choice for your campaign, even low-budget option. If you are not familiar with the Facebook Ads, you can start with a couple of bucks to define your base audience. Also, this is the base fundamental to optimize your campaign. Moreover, the cost-per-click may vary on different ad placements.

There are various ad placements with Facebook Advertising:

  • Facebook Newsfeed, Sidebar, Instant Articles, In-stream Videos, Suggested Videos, Stories.
  • Instagram Feeds, Stories.
  • Messenger home, Messenger conversations.
  • Audience Network with Native banners, rewarded videos or in-stream videos.

With this big range of social media platforms connected together, they created a net and use every aspect to reach the users. Therefore, joining this net gives you access to your user’s daily life. It’ll never this easy to bring your ads to them.

In addition, comparing to Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising (Facebook Ads) delivers a much more friendly and easier to manage user-interface. I know the two of them are different, but I still do prefer the UI from Facebook Ads Manager.

Also, Facebook Ads can create multiple audiences based on detailed information from users. This is considered much deeper than Google Ads. The audiences can be created based on clicks, hobbies, ages, countries, and interests. On the other side, Google Adwords cannot track all of these stats. Moreover, Facebook Ads can also multiply your audiences by “look-alike” feature. Look-alike expands your audience to those who have the same or similar interests with the base audiences.

In conclusion, Facebook Ads is extremely user-friendly, yet brings effective and fast benefits in return.

3. Facebook Ads helps you to form your own Perfect Audience

Facebook is the most popular social media on Earth. It’s the place where you can put in your information, interests, interact with activities, events and more. Therefore, Facebook can use it to offer audiences to Social Media Marketers. In fact, the more information about you, the deeper and more personalized contents are delivered to you.

In another word, Social Media Marketers has the full possibility to reach their targeted, perfect audience. At the Q3 of 2018, there are 2.27 billion Facebook monthly active users. That was 10% increase year to year. Also, this number didn’t include Instagram users. And, you will have the access to bring your ads to any of them.

Moreover, Facebook Ads breakdown the audiences in many segments. You can customize them with multiple variables such as age, location, gender, actions on websites, engagements. Facebook Ads also provides you Facebook Pixel. This Pixel tracks who has been wandering on your websites. Therefore you can target them on Facebook social media for re-marketing.

If you are an expert social media marketers, you can make extremely high ROI with Facebook Ads.

4. Highly Customizable Campaign

At first, Facebook Ads were just a Sponsored Post on our News Feed. Then it grew to more and more placements all over their ecosystem. The abundant placements giving you the ability to highly customize your campaign. With those new options, you can successfully build up your pre-designed ad campaign.

Addition to this, you can customize your campaign based on various settings:

  • Campaign Objective
  • Bidding
  • Audience and look-alike
  • Delivery settings, Ad placements

In general, the diversity the options should help you tinkering better within the audience. With more detailed and specific settings, your audience should be shrunk. However, the conversion rate will rise up as we are targeting the right customer. The more general settings bring us a wider range of audience. On the contrary, the conversion rate should dropdown. The size of the audience is too large. And, not all of them are truly into your ads.

Nonetheless, the more options given, the closer you get to create your targeted ad campaign.

5. Facebook Is Adding New Features Every Month

After the success of Instagram Stories, now it has come to both Facebook and Messengers. This is a new promoting channel for your social media marketing. In the last 2018, Ads via Stories don’t take much credit for Facebook revenue. However, the growing speed of it has significantly risen. In fact, a lot more famous brands and business has used Stories as their main channel to advertise. In the near future, Stories will become the trends in Advertising.

Recently, Facebook has developed a new channel of promotion. It’s Messenger Home and Messenger conversations. Your ads will pop up within the Messenger home in the user’s phone. Furthermore, Facebook Watch is going global and growing faster than ever. This will empower the Video Ads which going extremely viral lately. Video ads usually cost less than regular ads. Nonetheless, the effectiveness is better than mere texts and pictures only. The trend in Facebook Ads will turns social media marketing into viral videos, intro or tutorial shorts.

In addition, you can setup product catalogs on Facebook Ads and boost it to the audiences. The catalog can be super effective as it based on the product that customers have browsed. The more personalized items show up, the more conversion rate will rise.

The Facebook team is working days and nights to improve the Facebook Advertise. What should we expect in the future? Hologram or 3D rotatable picture to show every angle of your products? Technology is developing everyday and everything will become possible.

Final words on top 5 Reasons to Advertise on Facebook

The world is advancing with Social media has become a part of our lives. One among them, Facebook, has create an ecosystem which embrace user’s daily life. That’s the way we could use to marketing and advertise to audiences in the most natural way. Facebook has been growing bigger and bigger and the service from Facebook Ads is extremely effective in Social Media Marketing.

Moreover, the Facebook Ads is user-friendly, highly customizable and easy to setup. This opens the chance to all scales of business to advertise on Facebook ecosystem. Also, the system provides various detailed options for you to customize your own targeted, perfect audience. New features from Facebook Ads is developed and released frequently. This gives us more and more possiblity to make our ad campaign unique and easier to convert the audience. Advertising of Facebook is a core, crucial part

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